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Undergraduate Programs

Apply to Study Abroad

Research Your Options

To begin researching your options, peruse the study abroad literature located on the shelves outside the International Office and read the Study Abroad Handbook.

  • Make a list of the programs that appeal to you and offer courses in your specific major.
  • Decide whether you would prefer a group program or independent study and why.
    If you prefer to study abroad independently, research bilateral exchange, ISEP, and CCCU programs to determine which is the best fit. (Note: there are different costs associated with each program.)
  • If one of your goals is foreign language study, check to see that you have satisfied the language requirements for a given program. If you prefer to study in English, make certain that the courses you need are instructed in English.
  • Consider any challenges you may encounter in your region(s) of interest. Do some preliminary research on the religious, ethnic, and linguistic makeup of the country/region; its system(s) of political governance; and current events.
  • Meet with your academic advisor to discuss your interest in studying abroad, how it will complement your program of study, and the ideal time for you to study abroad.
  • Meet with the assistant director of the Office of International Affairs. Together we will address your specific goals for studying abroad, the application process and any additional questions or concerns you may have.


Apply Online

Students wishing to study abroad during the Summer 2017, Fall 2017, or Spring 2018 terms must submit their North Park Study Abroad Application by the following dates:

  • Summer/Fall 2018 program applicants: December 8, 2017
  • Spring 2019 program applicants: February 2, 2018 

Late applications may be accepted for particular programs at the discretion of the Assistant Director and Director of the International Office. For best chance of placement, submit a complete application by the deadline.

January Transfer Students: Please see the International Office for special application instructions.

It is your responsibility to submit a complete application by the appropriate deadline. A complete application will include the following:

  1. Personal and program information
  2. Personal statement
  3. Letters of recommendation (number and type will vary according to program)
    • SVF applicants must submit 3 letters of recommendation: (a) NPU faculty reference, (b) NPU faculty/non-faculty (coach, pastor, work supervisor) reference, (c) external reference (may not be a parent or friend) (Note: NPU Swedish language instructor cannot serve as a reference)
    • All other applicants must submit 2 letters of recommendation from North Park faculty
      • Foreign Language study applicants – at least 1 recommendation must be from a faculty teaching in the specific language of study
      • ISEP applicants – references must use ISEP’s forms when submitting recommendations (Please come to the International Office for further instructions)
  4. Photocopy of passport or passport application


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