Students abroad in Taiwan cross a red bridge to a small island.

Undergraduate Programs

Academics Abroad

What classes should you take during your study abroad semester? You’ll want to talk to your Faculty Advisor to find out which graduation requirements you have left to fulfill. Each program offers different classes, so it’s advisable to select a program based on what degree requirements you have left. All study abroad courses will transfer back to NPU as general elective credit or can be approved to count as a Core, Major, or Minor requirement. 

Here are a few questions to discuss with your advisor:

  • Which semester is best for study abroad, for my major? Most students choose to study abroad during sophomore or junior year, but some majors can only study abroad during a certain semester. If you are a nursing or education major, you’ll definitely want to plan to study abroad during your sophomore year.
  • Which core curriculum classes do I have left to take at North Park? Modern language, arts, history, ethics, culture & society core courses can be found at many study abroad sites. Math and science core may be more difficult to transfer back to North Park.
  • What classes do I have left to take for my major(s)? Do I need to take electives for my major (or general electives order to fulfill the required number of credits for my degree)? If so, electives are generally the easiest courses to transfer back, so you should plan to take these during your study abroad semester.

Pre-Approved Course List

For NPU Exchange, ISEP & CCCU

The Office of International Affairs keeps a running list of courses that have been approved for various study abroad programs. Check here to see if any of the courses at your study abroad program have already been approved for a North Park equivalent.

Course List

Course Transfer

This process applies for all students completing an ISEP Exchange/Direct, NPU Exchange, or CCCU Best Semester program. Students who are participating in a group program (SVF, Cuenca, or short term study tour) do not need course approvals.

You will need to collect a copy of the syllabus or course description for every class that you’re interested in taking abroad. It’s a good idea to get a few more courses approved than you plan to take, so that you have some flexibility with your schedule. You can access these on your host university or study abroad program’s website. Contact the Office of International Affairs if you’re having trouble locating this information.

A note about credit hours: find out how many credit hours you need to take abroad to be a full-time student at your host university. You must be enrolled full time at your host university and also earn 12+ North Park credit hours. Most European universities operate on the ECTS credit system, where 2 ECTS credits = 1 NPU semester hour. 

You must register for a study abroad “placeholder” course. This lets North Park know that you are still enrolled as a student and will be earning credit hours towards your degree while you’re off campus. For the semester you are studying abroad, please log onto Student Planning in Self Service to register for ASCR 4920 Study Abroad Program for 16 credit hours. You may end up receiving more/less than 16 credit hours, but this will be determined by the number of courses you take abroad and how your foreign credits are converted to North Park semester hours.

  • Complete one course transfer form for each class you plan to take abroad.
  • If the courses have already been approved (check spreadsheet above), then write the name of department chair and date of approval in lieu of signature. Your advisor will still need to sign the form.
  • Obtain the proper signatures. Bring or email the syllabi + course transfer forms to your advisor and the department chair for approval. If you are currently abroad or off campus, you can just get approval via email by sending a copy of the syllabi via email and asking for a reply. This email works in place of a signature. 

Bring or email all completed forms and syllabi copies to the Office of International Affairs. Once you are abroad and registered for classes, please confirm your final course schedule with the Office of International Affairs. You must follow the add/drop policies of your host university, but it is usually not a problem to change classes upon arrival. In some cases, students will not even register or receive a finalized schedule until they are abroad. If you need to add, drop, or change a class that was not previously approved, please complete another Course Transfer Form.

After your study abroad program is completed, your courses and grades will be posted to your student account. This can take up to 6 months after your program has ended, depending on how quickly your host university sends your transcript to North Park. Note: all grades earned during study abroad will count towards your North Park GPA. Study Abroad courses cannot be taken pass/fail unless the proper form has been completed, and approved by your advisor AND the Office of International Affairs.