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Short Term Study Tours

Program Offerings

North Park University offers a variety short-term study abroad programs led by NPU faculty. Some are part of a quad or semester course, while others are offered as stand-alone courses during a school break.

Personal Health: Cross Country Ski Trip (EXS 1000, 2sh): complete your Health & Wellbeing core curriculum requirement in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan over winter break (tentative dates: January 6-11, 2020 ). This cross-country ski course provides an opportunity to learn about exercise, ecology, and health in a natural environment. Contact trip leader Professor Alyssa Anderson for more information.

Early Christianity from the City Center – Rome, Italy: Earn Core credit for Christian Life & Thought (BTS 2400, 4sh) or Keystone (CORE 3000, 4sh) on an academic tour of Rome and Pompeii over spring break (March 2020). The study tour will introduce students to the diverse cultural, historical, and geographical settings of the earliest Christianity in the Greco-Roman world through a first-hand encounter with the evidence in the ancient cities of Italy. Contact trip leader Dr. Joel Willitts for more information.

Conflict & Conciliation in India (BTS 2150/BTS 2700/CORE 3000, 4sh): Enroll in any one of these three classes during the spring 2020 semester for a chance to travel to New Delhi India over spring break. Hosted by the NGO EFICOR, students will have a chance to learn first-hand about the economic, social, and cultural structures of the country – and much more. Contact trip leader Dr. Boaz Johnson for more information.

International Conflict Transformation in Israel-Palestine: Through a semester-long academic course, and a two-week immersion experience (May 12-25) in Israel-Palestine. This interdisciplinary course will introduce students to the theory, analysis, and practice of nonviolent conflict transformation in an international context. The course will explore the historical roots of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, and the failure of official, governmental “peace processes.” The course will focus on the role and importance of mid-level, nongovernmental peacemaking and conflict transformation, including the role of Christian, Jewish and Muslim peacemakers. Through dialogues recorded by the instructor, this course will introduce students to specific peacemakers and peacemaking approaches in Israel-Palestine. During the trip, the class will meet many of these same peacemakers and engage in further dialogue. The class will also visit holy sites, and consider their role in conflict transformation.  Contact Dr. Hostetter for more information.

Note: Students applying for short-term study abroad courses do not need to complete the full NPU study abroad application. Please contact the program leader for application instructions.