Students abroad in Taiwan cross a red bridge to a small island.

Undergraduate Programs

Study Abroad FAQ

North Part University offers a total of 300 study abroad locations in more than 50 countries and on six continents. Pretty much wherever you want to go—we have a program there.

Most of our study abroad programs are a semester-long (or you can extend to a full year), while others last one to two weeks and run over school breaks.

No, you do not have to speak another language to study abroad. Most programs offer courses in English in a variety of subjects, but some do have language prerequisites (especially programs in Spain and France).

North Park offers study abroad programs for students in their sophomore, junior, or senior year. Students are not permitted study abroad during their first two semesters or last semester at North Park. Transfer students who already have college credit can study abroad after completing one full semester at NPU.

Exact GPA requirements vary by program, but most have a 2.5 GPA minimum. Any student on academic or student conduct probation is not permitted to study abroad.

Study abroad programs are available for students in any major, and even for those who have not yet decided on a field of study.

Yes. Study abroad is available to all majors/minors. Once you are enrolled at NPU, talk to your faculty advisor to plan the best time for your study abroad experience. Nursing majors usually study abroad during the fall semester of their sophomore year. Education majors usually study abroad during the spring semester of their sophomore year.

More than 90 percent of North Park study abroad programs cost the same amount as studying at North Park, and allow you to apply all financial aid you would receive if you were studying on our Chicago campus. Check the Cost Comparison Chart and Cost Calculators for more specific information.

Yes, all NPU, state, and federal financial aid applies to semester study abroad programs (the only exceptions are CCCU and ISEP Direct). Note: most students do not have access to financial aid for summer programs.

The Office of International Affairs advises for local and national scholarship programs, for example the Gilman Scholarship and Fund for Education Abroad, to help make study abroad affordable. Check out our scholarships page for more information.

Yes! Your first semester must be on-campus at NPU, but then you can study abroad if you have 30+ credit hours. Talk to your faculty advisor about the best time for you to study abroad and start planning as soon as you get to campus.

Not if you plan ahead. Some students are even able to study abroad and still graduate early.

First, complete an application with the Office of International Affairs: click here to apply! There is no cost to submit this application. Depending on the program, you may need to complete an additional application for the program/university you’re applying to study at, and an application fee may apply.