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Tuition and Fees

The School of Nursing and Health Sciences offers a straightforward per-credit-hour tuition rate for students completing bachelor’s degrees. When you compare our high quality education and strong reputation with our attractive tuition and financial aid opportunities, the School of Nursing offers one for the best educational values for nursing education in the area.

  • Degree-completion courses in the School of Nursing and Health Sciences are $585 per credit hour for the 2015–2016 academic year.
  • Degree-completion courses in the School of Nursing and Health Sciences are $590 per credit hour for the 2016–2017 academic year (effective August 2016).
  • Tuition includes all course fees.
  • North Park may bill you for a few other fees; see the table below.
  • Your only additional costs for courses will be books and materials, which you will arrange on your own.

Administrative and Other Fees

CLEP and Credit-by-Exam
(a possibility for testing out of some course requirements)
Varies by test
Finance Charge 1.5% assessed monthly on past-due balances
Graduation Fee $150
Evening/Saturday Student Parking Sticker $50 per year
Technology Fee $10 per credit hour (effective August 2016)
Transcript Fee $6 per copy

Cost Calculation Details

Every student is unique in the number of courses they will take, what financial aid they can access, and tuition per credit hour may change from year to year. However, as a starting point, the following information can help you estimate what your cost to attend North Park may be:

  • When you enroll in the RN-to-BSN Degree-Completion Program, you’ll bring up to 90 hours of transfer credit from your previous college and nursing program work. North Park University doesn’t charge a fee to post your transfer credit to your transcript.
  • In order to complete your degree at North Park, you’ll need at least 120 semester hours of total credit, including accepted transfer credits. Depending on transfer credit, you may only need to take 30 credits at North Park—which you can finish in as little as 18 months.
  • At the 2015–2016 academic year tuition price ($585 per credit), and adjusting for a tuition increase during year two, 30 credit hours may cost between $17,400 and $19,150.

However, many BSN-completion students qualify for need- and affiliation-based tuition grant and discount opportunities that reduce their overall tuition bill by up to 35%—a potential savings of over $5,000.