Seminary Academics

Master of Arts in Christian Ministry with Restorative Arts Degree Path

Degree Requirements

54 academic hours
3 field education hours

Co-Curricular Requirements

Vocational Assessment
Mid-Program Review
Financial Health Counseling

54 academic credits include the four 12 credit certificates below, three spiritual formation courses, and Ministry Identity & Practice. Three additional field education modules/credits are required (Cultural Competency Module, Theological Reflection Module, and Vocational Excellence).

Due to the nature of this unique degree and pathway, the courses listed below are offered on one designated day each week in the fall and spring semesters at Stateville Correctional Center with our students on the inside. In addition, field education and spiritual formation may be offered in intensive formats and summer weeks.  If you have questions about this, ask the seminary admissions team in your inquiry process before you start the application.

Year One: Foundational Courses Certificate

Course Number Course Title Credit Hours
BIBL 5240 New Testament 1: The Texts and Their World 3
BIBL 5210 Old Testament 1: Pentateuch and Interpretation 3
THEO 5110 Christian Theology 3
HSTY 5210 Christian History 1: The Early Church to the Early Reformation 3
Total 12


Year Two: Restorative Arts Certificate

Course Number Course Title Credit Hours
CEDF 7190 Conflict Transformation/Non-Violent Communication 3
MNST 7190 Life Together: Building the Beloved Community 3
THEO 6334 Peace, Justice, & Restorative Practices 3
 MNST 7195  Trauma & Healing 3
Total 12


Year Three: Transformative Justice Certificate

Course Number Course Title Credit Hours
MNST 6400 Mobilizing for Justice 3
MNST 5110 Religions & Cultures 3
THEO 6420* Saints, Radicals & Heretics 3
THEO 5130 Christian Ethics 3
Total 12

*Other courses that may be offered as a substitute THEO 5140 Black Faith Matters, BIBL 5220, Old Testament II: Prophets, BIBL 6290 Intercultural Readings of the Bible, BIBL 6289 Women, the Bible, and the Church

Year Four: Pastoral Arts Certificate

Course Number Course Title Credit Hours
MNST 5130 Leading & Teaching in Ministry 3
MNST 5125 Intro to Pastoral Care & Counselling 3
MNST 5115** Preaching the Word 3
THEO 5120*** Christian Worship 3
Total 12

**Or MNST 5120 Gospel Communication in Context
***Or MNST 6225 Evangelism & Discipleship

Additional Required Courses

Course Number Course Title Credit Hours
SPFM 5201 Journey: The Story of Our Lives 1
SPFM 5211 Intercultural Spirituality: The Road Together 1
SPFM elective Spiritual Formation Elective 1
FLDC 7315 Cultural Competency Module 1 field ed.
FLDC 7318 Theological Reflection Module 1 field ed.
FLDC 5300**** Vocational Excellence 1 field ed.
Total 3 academic,
3 field ed.

****Additional cost required for non-incarcerated students

Total Academic Credit Hours: 54
Total Field Education Credit Hours: 3