Field Education

Field Education is a companion to your classroom work at North Park Theological Seminary. These experiences give further context to your studies, help you develop skills for interpersonal relationships in a ministry context, provide practice in communication skills, and develop your insights into ministry organization and procedure. You may also find that your Field Education experiences open your eyes in new ways to areas in which you can grow while strengthening your sense of Christian vocation. Field education requirements differ for each degree but may include internship, clinical pastoral education (chaplaincy experience), a course on vocational excellence, a cultural competency experience, and a theological reflection module.

If you are seeking a master's degree, you are encouraged to meet with the Field Education Department early in your program to develop a plan to complete your required components. The field education staff will walk you through the requirements, and help you select options for internships and experiences that will both match and stretch your sense of call and desired future ministry positions. You must have a plan in place before your Degree Candidacy Evaluation, which usually occurs in the second semester of your program.

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