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Cost of Attendance

While we strive to keep our tuition and fees low for Seminary students, it is important to consider that the cost of attending Seminary and earning a degree goes beyond direct education costs. As you are discerning where you might seek theological education, use the information below to help you estimate your costs of attendance for one year and for an entire Seminary degree or certificate.

Estimated Direct Costs for the 2016–2017 Academic Year

Program Recommended Credits per Year Yearly Tuition
$560 per credit
Community Service Fee First-Year Testing Fee Technology Fee
$10 per credit
Total Year Cost
Master of Divinity 27 $15,120 $500 $425 $270 $16,265
MA in Christian Formation 26 $14,560 $500 $425 $260 $15,695
MA in Christian Ministry 20 $11,200 $500 $425 $200 $12,275
MA in Theological Studies 29 $16,240 $500 $425 $290 $17,405
DMin in Urban Ministry Leadership 12 $4,920
$410 per credit
$120 $5,040
plus travel costs
Graduate Certificates 6 to 8 $3,360 to $4,480 $60 to $80 $3,420 to $4,560

Variable and Indirect Costs

Regardless of which degree or certificate program you pursue, you will likely encounter costs beyond the tuition and fees noted above. These variable and indirect costs of attendance include:

  • Field Education — All degree-seeking students are required to complete between two and 11 credits of field education, which is a companion to your classroom work, and billed at $200 per field education credit. Talk with Seminary Admissions or your advisor about when is a good time to complete this component of your education.
  • Books and course materials
  • Housing — Rent for Seminary housing is charged on a monthly basis and varies based on apartment size and location. Learn more.
  • Transportation
  • Other personal expenditures

The FAFSA determines your financial need as the difference between the cost of your education and your financial ability to pay for it. Financial aid is available to cover, but cannot exceed, the cost of attendance, which includes tuition, books, supplies, room and board, transportation, and some living expenses while enrolled at North Park. Some additional expenditures (i.e. childcare, disability, medical costs) may qualify for an increase in your calculated cost of attendance with the proper documentation, but the repayment of debt (e.g. car payments and credit card bills) cannot be included in this calculation.

Estimated Direct Costs for a Full Degree or Certificate Program

Some students like to estimate how much their entire program of study at North Park will cost as they’re making a decision about attending. The table below gives some calculations of full program cost.

Please note, however, that the total tuition listed is based on the cost-per-credit-hour for the current year; it is typical for this amount to go up by a small percentage each August. Nearly all certificate and degree programs will stretch beyond one year, and total tuition will increase as the per-credit tuition rate increases.

Program Total Required Credits Total Tuition
based on current cost
Total Standard Fees* Total Program Cost
based on current cost
Master of Divinity 79 academic
11 Field Education
$44,240 $5,015 $49,255
MA in Christian Formation 48 academic
7 Field Education
$26,880 $3,405 $30,285
MA in Christian Ministry 36 academic 3 Field Education $20,160 $2,485 $22,645
MA in Theological Studies 60 academic 2 Field Education $33,600 $2,825 $36,425
DMin in Urban Ministry Leadership 48 academic $19,680
$410 per credit
 $645 $20,325
plus travel costs
Graduate Certificates 8 to 15 academic $4,480 to $8,400  $80 to $150 $4,560 to $8,550


* Fees included in this calculation are $200 per credit for Field Education, a yearly Community Service Fee, first-year psychological testing, a technology fee, and a graduation fee. MATS fees also include a $300 thesis fee. These fees are subject to change and reflect rates for the current academic year. The Community Service Fee may not be applicable, depending on the number of credits you are registered for in any given year.