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Current graduate students in the School of Business and Nonprofit Management can utilize the resources on this page to assist in planning course schedules and staying on track for to complete your program.

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Current and upcoming schedules may be available to view on WebAdvisor, where you can also register for classes. Registration is open for both quads. For assistance in using WebAdvisor, download our step-by-step instructions PDF.

Use the links below to view upcoming course schedules and download syllabi. Stay tuned to the weekly e-newsletter for information about registration dates. Due to website construction, please refer to WebAdvisor for the most up to date schedules and instructor assignments.

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The University is committed to providing a safe living and learning environment for all students. Learn more about the resources, policies, and programs available to you:

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SBNM Study Abroad in Barcelona, Spain
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Spring Break 2017: March 7–17

• Study the history and culture of Spain's business, economics, and more.
• Ample free time.
• Open to SBNM graduate students and alumni.
Download: Brochure | Flyer
Contact Dean Lindahl at wlindahl@northpark.edu for more information.