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College Student Inventory

College Student Inventory

Your transition from high school to college student can be a smooth and successful one, but it requires some work on your part and some preparation by North Park. The University is committed to providing resources that will help you reach the academic and career goals you have set for yourself—and we can also help you set and refine those goals.

To help your faculty and staff get to know you and what your needs as a student might be, North Park asks all incoming first-year students to complete a 20-minute online inventory before classes begin in the fall. This College Student Inventory is designed to help us develop a sense of who you are and what specific skills we can help you work on. Your answers to the questions will generate personalized report that tells us a little bit about your academic motivation (study habits, confidence in communication, how you feel about educators), how you handle school stress, and what sorts of support services you might find useful. Our goal in gathering this information is solely to help you in your transition and to point you to some great things North Park has to offer.

Get Started

You will receive an email inviting you to complete the inventory after you register for your first semester of classes. You will have two weeks after you get your letter to fill it out, so that your future advisor will have time to review your personalized report before the start of the semester.

To complete your College Student Inventory, you will need:

  • Name
  • Date of birth
  • Gender
  • North Park student ID number
  • North Park email address and an alternate personal email address
  • Intended major

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