Minor in Middle Eastern Studies

The purpose of the minor is to offer a concentrated program of study for students interested in exploring the politics, history, and religions of the Middle East. These courses will be supplemental to the student’s major field of study. For example, international business, politics and government, history, or Biblical and theological studies majors can focus their studies on the Middle East as an aspect of their vocational or graduate school preparation.

The Middle Eastern Minor is structured to build upon courses currently available primarily in the BTS, History, and POGO departments.

Required Semester Hours: 20 (5 courses)

Required Core Courses

  • ARABIC 1010/1020; 2010/2020
  • POGO 3370: Politics of the Middle East
  • HIST 3320: Ottoman Empire: 1453-1918
  • BTS 2710: Children of Abraham

Select One Option

  • POGO 3390: Israel
  • POGO 2200: International Politics
  • POGO 2300: Comparative Politics
  • 2770 Palestine and Palestinian Christianity from Pentecost-2002
  • HIST 3310: Middle East to 1453
  • COMM 3910: International Conflict Transformation

A North Park professor teaches.