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Undergraduate Admissions

Reserving Your Spot: Tuition Deposit

  • After you are accepted, you need to make a tuition deposit to reserve your spot.
  • This $200 deposit counts as a payment toward your first-semester tuition bill.
  • Tuition deposits are refundable until:
    • May 1: Fall Semester
    • December 15: Spring Semester

Step 1: Submit Your Payment

You can pay this deposit via check or debit/credit card. To pay online, you will need your Student ID. This is a seven-digit number that starts with a zero and can be found in your acceptance email.


Step 2: Celebrate

Celebrate your decision to attend North Park University and share on social media.

We encourage all new North Parkers to share a photo or video on Instagram of your unique, fun, and creative celebrations on your decision to attend North Park University with the hashtag #ChooseNPU. @npuchicago will repost your unique celebrations.