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Concealed Carry Policy

Weapons and Firearms-Free Campus

North Park University is committed to providing a safe and secure environment for the University community and its guests. In support of this commitment and pursuant to the 2013 Illinois Firearm Concealed Carry Act (430 ILCS 66) and its enabling regulations, the university maintains and enforces a weapons and firearms-free campus. This includes all buildings, facilities, residence halls and other university housing, programs, and university-sponsored events, whether on or off campus. This policy applies to all employees, students, persons conducting business, or individuals visiting the North Park University campus.

Individuals with a valid Illinois concealed-carry permit who are attending a University event, or are on University property for a legitimate purpose, may store their firearms in secured containers within their vehicles while they are on campus.

Law enforcement personnel, on-duty armed private security personnel, other government personnel authorized to carry a weapon, and retired law enforcement personnel with valid Retired Officer Carry Cards are exempt.

Any individual, including students, employees, or visitors, on North Park University property and found to have carried a weapon or firearm onto the University’s property knowingly, or under circumstances in which the person should have known that he or she was in possession of a weapon or firearm, may be banned from the North Park University campus. Any student will be subject to the student conduct issues as detailed in the Student Handbook. Any employee will be subject to disciplinary action as detailed in the Employee Handbook or Manual for Academic Personnel Policies.

Student Handbook

Manual for Academic Personnel Policies