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Emergency Management Team

The North Park Emergency Management Team guides the institutional response in the event of an emergency. The team reports to the president of the University, and is convened and led by the vice president for student engagement. It meets periodically to review emergency management and communications plans and update information as needed.

The University Emergency Management Team consists of the following:

  • Vice President, Student Engagement
  • Assistant Vice President for Student Engagement
  • Director, Campus Safety
  • Director, University Marketing and Communications
  • Dean of Students

In the event of an emergency, the University president has ultimate responsibility for authorizing all critical decisions related to the emergency. If the president is unavailable at the time of the emergency, the Vice President of Student Engagement, who leads the Emergency Management Team, will act in the president’s absence until the emergency has passed or the president is available. The Provost and/or appropriate faculty are included as necessary.

One of the most important aspects of an emergency response is the communication of the situation to audiences important to the University. It is the responsibility of the Emergency Management Team to:

  • Establish a center of control for information about the emergency.
  • Disseminate timely and accurate information about the emergency to various audiences connected to the University including students, faculty, staff, Board of Trustees, media, parents, public, and alumni.
  • Limit the negative impact and long-term public relations damage related to the emergency.

All emergency communications are to be channeled through the Office of University Marketing and Communications in consultation with the Office of the President and the Emergency Communications Team in a timely and straightforward manner.

Wellness Team

North Park University is committed to caring for students throughout their time on campus. The Wellness Team, overseen by the Student Engagement Division, assists in caring for all students, enhancing their educational and personal development by providing a supportive environment. While the team hopes to be proactive in addressing particular concerns, they are equipped to react quickly to particular situations when necessary for the health and well-being of all students.

ABout the Wellness Team