Caroline Hall

Campus Services


Campus Safety Phone Numbers

Emergency and Safety Escort

  • Campus Safety Dispatch (773) 244-5600 (extension 5600)
  • Safety Escort Service (773)244-5600 (extension 5600)


  • Director of Campus Safety (773) 244-5222 (extension 5222)
  • Campus Safety Dispatch (773) 244-5600 (extension 5600)
  • Campus Safety Supervisor (773) 244-5720 (extension 5720)

Reporting Emergencies or Criminal Actions

For any life-threatening emergencies first call 9-1-1, then immediately call Campus Safety at (773) 244-5600 (on-campus ext. 5600). You will be asked to provide:

  • Your name and phone number
  • Type of emergency or criminal activity
  • Exact location of the emergency or criminal activity
  • Description of individuals involved

In response to your call, the dispatcher will send security officers and appropriate police, fire, or ambulance units to your location immediately.

AED Locations

Automatic External Defibrillators or AEDs are small, lightweight devices that look at a person’s heart rhythm (through special pads placed on the torso) and can recognize “sudden cardiac arrest.”

All Campus Security Officers are trained and certified in the use of AEDs. AEDs are located at the following locations on the campus:

  • Anderson Chapel– Lobby
  • Anderson Hall– Lobby
  • Brandel Library– Front desk
  • Burgh Hall– Lobby lounge
  • Carlson Gym Lobby-Next to chair lift
  • Carlson Tower– Next to elevators in lobby and floors 2-6
  • Caroline Hall-Top of stairs, 1st floor landing
  • Hanson Hall-Next to 1st floor elevator
  • Health Services-Inner office area
  • Helwig Rec Center-First floor workout area/basement weight room
  • Holmgren-1B softball dugout (need key)
  • Johnson Center- Basement- NW corner hallway by men’s washroom
  • Johnson Center- 1st floor-NW corner hallway by men’s washroom
  • Johnson Center– 2nd floor-NW corner hallway by men’s washroom
  • Johnson Center– 3rd floor-NW corner hallway by men’s washroom
  • LHA-Lobby
  • Magnuson Campus Center– Front desk
  • Nyvall Hall– Main lobby
  • Ohlson House– Front desk
  • Old Main– Lobby
  • Park North– Front desk
  • Physical Plant– Inner reception area
  • Sohlberg Hall-front stairway
  • Student Services-Lobby
  • Wilson Hall-Lobby

Enhanced Campus Safety and Security

North Park University deploys a number of CCTV cameras across the campus to assist in enhancing public safety, monitoring and protecting University assets, and investigating criminal activity. The use of these cameras is consistent with the values of the institution. Cameras are mounted in and view only public areas and in no way infringe on any member of the campus community’s right to privacy.

Camera images are not monitored on a continual basis. Data from the cameras is stored on the University’s network servers and is retrieved and reviewed when necessary to affect the goals and interests of the Office of Campus Safety. Only authorized personnel have access to the camera system data in order to review prior recorded activity.

The Office of Campus Safety continues to employ technology in the many facets of its operations in order to more effectively serve all members of the North Park community.

Lost and Found

Items that are lost and found on North Park University’s campus may be moved to a central location in the Campus Safety office, located in Building #8. If you believe you have lost something on our campus, you may also contact Campus Safety about lost and found items by calling (773) 244-5600.