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Calendar and Events

An endowment by the Westerdahl family established this series in 1964 in memory of the late Rev. Carl G. Westerdahl, noted Covenant preacher and evangelist. The first series of lectures was presented in the winter quarter of 1966.

2017 Carl G. Westerdahl Lectures

Dr. Justin Tse
Tuesday, February 28
9:00 am–Noon
Isaacson Chapel, Nyvall Hall

North Park Theological Seminary welcomes Dr. Justin Tse for the 2017 Carl G. Westerdahl Lectures.

This event is free and open to the public.
Live–streaming video will also be available at northpark.edu/live or livestream.com/fulcrum/westerdahl.


9:00 am Lecture One: “Asian American ecumene? On ‘Inculturation’ into too many cultural worlds”
10:15 Coffee Break (Olsson Lounge)
10:45 Lecture Two: “Negative evangelism? Asian America and hesychastic spirituality”

About the Speaker


Dr. Justin Tse is a visiting assistant professor in the Asian American Studies Program at Northwestern University. He served as lead editor of Theological Reflections on the Hong Kong Umbrella Movement (Palgrave, 2016) and also blogs for Patheos Catholic as Eastern Catholic Person. He is working on a book manuscript on how Cantonese-speaking Protestants engage Pacific Rim civil societies.

Previous Lectures

2017: Dr. Justin Tse, visiting assistant professor in the Asian American studies program at Northwestern University.“Asian American ecumene? On ‘Inculturation’ into too many cultural worlds”

2013: John Teter, senior pastor and Evangelical Covenant Church evangelism team leader. Teter’s lectures are available to watch online through CovChurch.tv: