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Student Handbook and Community Standards

COVID-19 Student Conduct Sanctioning Guidelines

As we enter the spring semester, the University has updated and strengthened its Student Conduct Policy and COVID-19 Sanction Guidelines to deter non-compliance with safety protocols on and off-campus, including house parties.

Here are the updates to the Student Conduct Policy and Community Standards, effective immediately and until further notice:

  • Contact Tracing: When a student is contacted by a University contact tracer, they are expected to respond within 24 hours. Failure to participate in Contact Tracing will result in a violation of Community Standards.

Please refer to Student Conduct COVID-19 Sanction Guidelines for further details about consequences should you be found responsible for violating Community Standards.


North Park University is committed to providing an environment where students feel supported and respected. As a community we respect differences, encourage open dialogue, and commit to caring for all members of the community.

North Park students have both rights and responsibilities. We take seriously the assurance of these rights for every member of the community. Likewise, we expect each community member to fulfill his or her responsibilities. These policies are designed to support and maintain a scholarly community that values diversity and an inclusive educational environment.

Students will be held accountable to the following University community standards:

  • I will practice personal and academic integrity.
  • I will demonstrate concern for myself and others that encourages growth, learning, and development.
  • I will respect the rights, property, and dignity of all persons.

The Student Handbook provides complete information on how these community standards are upheld, the student conduct process for violations, and students’ rights and responsibilities.

The University is committed to providing and maintaining a welcoming environment, and will not tolerate discrimination, harassment, retaliation, or any form of intimidation by any person in any form directed against students, faculty, or staff of the institution, either in-person or online. Please familiarize yourself with our Equal Opportunity, Title IX, and social media policies.

It is our hope and prayer that you find North Park University to be a place that challenges you to extend your intellectual boundaries while at the same time supporting you in your development.