Residence Life and Housing

Campus Common Areas

North Park’s campus is full of space for you to hang out with your friends. Whether you’re looking for a room to work on a group project, a location for your weekly board game tournament, or want to hear your classmates’ talent at an open-mic night, check out these spaces.

The Johnson Center

The newest building on campus, the Johnson Center was designed for community life. Couches, tables, and booths are available in the first-floor Bickner Bistro (as is Einstein Bros Bagels), and there are also comfortable workspaces and small lounges all over the building. If you’re working on a class project, you can set up shop in one of the pods outside your professors office—and there’s a good chance they’ll be around to answer any questions you might have.

Residence Hall Lounges

Each of our residence halls—Anderson, Burgh, Ohlson, and Park North—have a plethora of common space: lounges with cable and TVs, kitchens, study rooms, and more. Take advantage of not having to leave your building and knock on some doors to find other students who want to kick back, enjoy a coffee, play a board game, or whatever your friends are into. (Do take note of visiting hours for friends who live elsewhere.)

Java Haus

Located in the basement of Burgh Hall, this lounge area is open late and is the prime location for student performances and open-mic nights.

Burgh Game Room

Also in the basement of Burgh Hall, the Burgh Game Room has both a study space and a rec room with pool and ping pong tables.

Carlson Tower Lobby

Many classes are held in Carlson Tower, and the lobby is a great place for a quick break between classes.

Viking Café

Not only a grab-and-go store, there are plenty of chairs, tables, and big-screen TVs in Viking Café, which is located next to the gymnasium and just down the hall from Carlson Tower lobby.

Brandel Library

Our University library is full of individual study carrels, group study rooms, comfortable chairs and couches, worktables, and more—it’s the perfect place to study on your own or with a group. Added bonus: You’ll be surrounded by all the research tools you’ll need.

Magnuson Campus Center

You’ll quickly become familiar with the campus dining hall on the second floor of Magnuson Campus Center and the building’s classrooms. The first floor also has a small lounge room with vending machines, a change machine, and a photocopier. It’s a great place to gather your notes or get a quick jolt of caffeine before an evening class.