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Seminary Admissions

Transfer Students

North Park Theological Seminary welcomes transfer students to our master’s degree programs. After being accepted to North Park, any student can request that prior graduate theological work at an accredited institution can be evaluated. Based on course content, transfer credit may count toward required courses or electives.

Transfer Policy and Admissions

  • A student may transfer in up to half of the required credits for the degree to which they are applying:
  • Academic credit is valid for 10 years. Any credit earned more than 10 years before you apply to North Park Theological Seminary cannot be transferred in.
  • You must provide official transcripts from any seminary you previously attended.
  • Schools should send sealed transcripts directly to North Park by mail or electronically to dataentry@northpark.edu
    North Park Theological Seminary Admissions
    3225 W Foster Ave, Box 19
    Chicago IL 60625
  • If you are transferring credit earned within the last five years, you will need to obtain a letter of good standing from the dean of your previous school. This letter will verify to North Park that you are in good standing both financially and academically with that institution and ready to begin studies at NPTS.
  • If you earned a bachelor’s degree at North Park University, you may be able to receive advanced standing for Bible courses taken while an undergraduate student. This could serve as transfer credit to satisfy some course or elective requirements.

Transfer Process

After being accepted to a degree program at North Park Theological Seminary, you may request that your transcripts be evaluated for transfer credits. Transcripts will not be evaluated until after you have been accepted. This request must be made—and official transcripts received—at least one month prior to orientation for the semester in which you are planning to begin studies.

The Seminary’s Office of Academic Services will complete your transfer evaluation, which may take several weeks. Courses will be evaluated for their content; any official course descriptions you provide from syllabi or a course catalog will assist in the process.

If any of your previous work is accepted as transfer credit, it will be transferred in either as required or elective courses, depending on its content as evaluated by Academic Services. You’ll receive an official evaluation report from Academic Services detailing what transfer credit you will be credited.


Contact the Office of Seminary Admissions with any questions about transferring credit and applying to North Park.