Our Commitment to Affordability

Helping You Respond to Your Calling

A quality education is a significant investment for you as a student, an investment representing your whole life. From your time and energy to the very care for your soul, from your mind to your pocketbook, a lot is at stake.

The financial aid resources North Park Theological Seminary offers will help you pay for and afford the exceptional quality which you will find in your experience here. Our financial aid program is built on several basic principles:

We keep tuition as low as possible.

Our endowment, the support of the Evangelical Covenant Church, generous alumni and other donors, and other sources of revenue together allow us to set a tuition rate that we hope will allow any student to attend our Seminary in preparation for life of vocational ministry.

We raise money every year to fund scholarships and grants.

We're committed to connecting our generous friends with opportunities to support students studying for the ministry through programs like Presidential Scholarships, Mosaic Scholarships, and through academic and need-based awards. Learn more about scholarships and grants available to Seminary students.

We believe your own investment is beneficial.

We believe that each student should invest some of his or her own funds toward their own tuition bill. Every financial aid package that we offer includes a personal financial investment. But we will also provide opportunities for you to find work, attend part-time, or use a payment plan—whatever makes it possible for you to make this investment.

We believe that your home church should invest in your education.

North Park Theological Seminary offers a Church Matching Grant program through which we will match your church’s gift toward your tuition bill, up to $500 per semester (up to $1500 per academic year, over three semesters). We will assist you in asking them to commit a modest amount of funding toward your education, as well their prayer support.

We are proud to partner with you and the church—both local as well as broader church bodies—to enable you to study with world class faculty and prepare for a ministry of significance and service.