Meet the Team

At North Park University, we believe in the power of relationships: yours with your friends, your professors, and your fellow students will shape your college career in ways you can’t yet imagine. But to get there, it starts with you and your family’s relationship with the North Park admissions team. This group of individuals is committed to helping you find your place as a student, an athlete, an activist, a musician—as whatever your college dream holds. Get to know us, and don’t hesitate to call when you have questions or need a little advice in the college search process.

Jared Christensen

Amanda Noascono

Director of Undergraduate Admissions

Amanda brings great enthusiasm and energy to her role leading admissions, because she believes in the experience North Park University offers. “Students will be challenged not just to broaden their horizons in terms of what they’re learning, but to do so in an environment where people are from all over the world,” Amanda says. She loves the way North Park brings together a rich institutional legacy, a forward-thinking trajectory, and a communal sense of purpose. Before coming to North Park, Amanda studied political science and history as an undergraduate, completed law school, and spent a decade working in enrollment and admissions at private universities in Chicago. When not on campus, Amanda keeps busy with her husband and three children, church, and running.

Allison Crino

Allison Crino

Undergraduate Recruiter

Allison has this advice for all new North Park students: “Don't plan on leaving the same as you came. Your experience here will radically change the way you view yourself, your community, and your world.” Growing up as an American abroad, primarily in Mexico City, she knows a little bit about expanding worldviews and learning to adapt to new situations quickly. A North Park alum who is fluent in both English and Spanish, Allison works with students and their families from all over the country who are looking for a college experience that will change their lives and give them the foundation they need to reach for their dreams and achieve their goals.

Get in touch with Allison at acrino@northpark.edu or (773) 244-4848.

Ja'Vida Ford

Ja’Vida Ford

Undergraduate Recruiter

Born and raised on Chicago’s South Side, Ja’Vida carries unique expertise for prospective students from the city, having herself graduated from a Chicago Public School before attending a small private college. With a background in non-profit work, Ja’Vida is passionate about building relationships and serving the community. “I work with prospective students on the south and west side of Chicago, areas that I am very familiar with,” Ja’Vida says. “I truly enjoy how committed to service and community North Park is.”

Get in touch with Ja’Vida at jford@northpark.edu or (773) 244-4583.

Michael Drake

Michael Drake

International Recruiter

Enrolling in any college as an international student can be complicated, but our international recruiter, Michael, is dedicated to helping you navigate the process as smoothly as possible at North Park. He is also our University’s golf coach, so he can provide unique firsthand knowledge about the important relationships our students are able to develop with their faculty, coaches, and peers. Whether you have questions about the application, our English proficiency requirements, or what life will be like in Chicago and at North Park, Michael will help you find the answers you need so you can get off to a great start at the University.

Get in touch with Michael by emailing medrake@northpark.edu or at (773) 244-5268.

Cheryl Johnson

Cheryl Johnson

Campus Visit Coordinator

Cheryl grew up in Georgia hearing fairytale stories about life in Chicago from her first-generation Polish grandmother. After working with college students in Salamanca, Spain, attending graduate school in Appalachia, and traveling throughout the Middle East, Cheryl has happily returned to her roots in her grandmother’s hometown. She has firsthand experience with the urban, intercultural, and Christian community that North Park provides and is excited to help prospective students and families discover it as well. As Campus Visit Coordinator, Cheryl’s goal is to set up personalized campus visits that provide the most helpful and best possible experience of North Park.

Get in touch with Cheryl at visit@northpark.edu or (773) 244-4763.

Brady Martinson

Brady Martinson

Assistant Director of Outreach and Recruitment

Transplanted to Chicago from Maple Grove, Minn., Brady has embraced the city with open arms. Follow him on Instagram @bkmartinson for his unique views of his new hometown, and then take his advice that experiencing campus is the best way to know if North Park is the right fit for you. Along with great information about our programs and advice about how you can get involved as a student, Brady’s recommendations for where to get the best Italian beef, gyros, and Chicago-style hot dogs will help you explore the city that is our extended classroom.

Get in touch with Brady at bmartinson@northpark.edu email or (773) 244-6203.

Summer Portrait Joe Miller

Joe Miller

Student Athlete Recruiter

As a collegiate two-sport athlete (baseball and football), Joe knows what it is like to balance a class load and team responsibilities. As a life-long Chicagoan, he also knows how many opportunities the city holds for students. Joe is excited to work with students and their families who are looking for a well-rounded student-athlete experience where they can experience success on the field, individual growth through the team and in the classroom, and be prepared for a life and career of significance and service.

Get in touch with Joe by emailing jmiller2@northpark.edu or at (773) 244-6232.

Shari Nordstrom

Shari Nordstrom

Associate Director of Admission Services

With a background in financial planning, Shari works with families to explain our commitment to affordability and will walk you through the planning tools and options for scholarships, grants, loans, and payment plans. She wears many hats within the Admissions office, and you may run into her at events or on your campus visit; she might even be your recruiter if you're a student from a Covenant church. A graduate of North Park herself, Shari believes wholeheartedly that coming to North Park is a great choice for people from all backgrounds.

Get in touch with Shari at snordstrom@northpark.edu or (773) 244-5503.

Summer Portraits Hannah Prevost Schultz

Hannah Prevost-Schultz

Undergraduate Recruiter

Hannah brings important firsthand knowledge to the table when talking to prospective students and their families: she’s a North Park alum (she studied biblical and theological studies and psychology, and conflict transformation) and continues to appreciate the unique opportunities our university experience offers. Hannah is excited to show others that being a North Parker means investing in the city to learn about new cultures and career opportunities, developing deep and lasting relationships with new friends and faculty mentors, and living in a community in which there are people from all different walks of life.

Get in touch with Hannah by emailing hschultz@northpark.edu or at (773) 244-5516.

Rebecca Ryan

Rebecca Ryan

Music Recruiter

You’ll find Rebecca closely involved in music activities all over our campus: teaching music appreciation, ensuring the School of Music is operating smoothly, and connecting student musicians with the resources and programs that will help them achieve their career goals. Rebecca works with all prospective music students, setting up auditions, answering questions about majors and ensembles, and dreaming with you and your family about the many possibilities a music degree holds. But she’ll also remind you that you don’t have to major in music to participate in ensembles or even get a music scholarship.

Get in touch with Rebecca at rryan@northpark.edu or (773) 244-5623.

Emily Warnygora

Emily Warnygora

Visit and Events Manager

As a young alum and neighborhood resident, Emily loves to introduce students and families to the neighborhood she calls home. Along with the visit team, she’ll help you make sure you get the experience that’s right for you, whether you come to North Park University for an individual visit, as part of a group, or for a special admissions event. As with the rest of the admissions team, you can ask Emily any question you have, and she’ll make sure you get the best answer, whether it’s about campus life, the neighborhood culture, or majors you’re thinking about.

Get in touch with Emily at visit@northpark.edu or (773) 244-5511.

Students answer your questions

Student Ambassadors

Who knows more about the North Park experience than our current students? These student ambassadors will answer your questions honestly and share their own stories about deciding to attend the University. You might talk with them on the phone or see them at special events, and they’ll be your tour guides when you visit campus.