Undergraduate Programs

Academic Advising

A college education takes plenty of individual hard work and dedication. It also takes the right help at the right time — to give you advice, encouragement, and guidance. That’s why North Park provides several resources to ensure that academic advising is timely, helpful, and accessible. We’re in this together.

Intended Major

When you arrive as new student, North Park assigns you a faculty advisor based on the intended major you selected when you registered for your first-semester classes. Once you declare your major, this assignment is evaluated to see if it is still a good match. For example, you’ll keep the faculty advisor you were initially assigned if you declare the same major as your intended major. If you change from your intended major to a new program, you’ll be assigned a faculty advisor in this new area of study.

These assignments are made by the Center of Student Engagement, the same office that assists first-year students in registering for their first semester of classes.

Faculty Advisors

Your faculty advisor will facilitate your communication with the University as a whole and will advise you about your educational experience, which takes lots of planning. We’re confident that every North Park student can succeed academically, and your faculty advisor will help as you:

  • develop your overall academic strategies
  • identify and address any academic difficulties you may encounter
  • explore and declare a major field of study

Once you have declared a major, you will be assigned a major advisor (who may be the same as your first faculty advisor, depending on your major choice), who will help you complete your North Park requirements and point you to career and graduate school opportunities in your field.