Undergraduate Programs


A cohort is a group of students with shared passion, purpose, or place, who come together to begin their first-year college experience. This might be a similar academic path, vocational calling, or civic interest.

At North Park University, cohorts are a key way you connect with other students, and who venture with you into and through college life.

Find the cohort for you.

Bottom Line provides you with guidance on campus for up to six years. It ensures that you have the support you need to succeed in college and then in life. Support comes in many forms: academic, career, and personal.

You’ll want to be in the Bottom Line cohort if you are a . . ..

  • high school Bottom Line program participant.
  • CPS student who’s Pell Eligible and needing additional support.

Program Managers: Margy Brill and Massiel De Los Santos

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The Catalyst 606__ Semester is a program with classes and experiences focused on the dynamic city of Chicago. Viewing the city through different lenses, disciplines, and perspectives, you’ll serve and participate in activities throughout Chicago. Catalyst 606__ cultivates an ethos of civic inquiry and action that prepares you to pursue the just flourishing of all cities. The city-centered curriculum is tailored to address the urban context.

You’ll want to be in the Catalyst 606__ Semester cohort if you . . .

  • have a desire to be a lifelong learner.
  • have an appreciation for other ideas and perspectives.
  • are interested in learning about issues that impact urban areas.
  • want to be engaged firsthand with community organizations.

Program Manager: Richard Kohng, Urban Outreach Coordinator

Catalyst 606__ INFORMATION


COMPASS is an intensive session before the semester that includes interaction with professors, practice using campus resources, and acclimating to the community through planned social events. As a first-year student, you’ll receive the tools necessary to handle the social, personal, and academic transitions associated with college life while working within a support system of student, staff, and faculty mentors.

The COMPASS cohort is the right place for you if you want to be . . .

  • guided through the course-selection and degree-planning process.
  • introduced to the support services available at North Park.
  • strengthened in cultural awareness on campus.


Lighthouse offers first-generation college students with the tools to develop into urban leaders. You’ll receive advanced leadership and vocational development, academic and personal advising, and additional financial aid.

Each year, 10 first-year students are invited to join a new Lighthouse cohort. As a Lighthouse Scholar, you’ll take part in academic, social, career planning, and service events alongside peer mentors, faculty, and staff. By living, studying, serving, and learning together, you’ll be part of a close-knit community and support one another through the first transitional year between high school and college—and then on until graduation.

You’ll want to join the Lighthouse cohort if you . . .

  • are a first-generation college student.
  • reside in an urban area.
  • participated in a college-readiness program.

Program Manager: Evelyn Aucutt


North Park and OneGoal collaborate to support you through the high school-to-college transition. You’ll receive support throughout the application and enrollment processes. That social, financial, and academic support continues through your first year of engaging and challenging college experience. Participation in this program is coupled with a four-year scholarship.

OneGoal is the best cohort for you if you . . .

  • completed the OneGoal high school program.
  • received OneGoal credit on your OneGoal transcript.


As a CRUX student, you will grow your identity in Christ, increase your knowledge of the city around you, and discover your unique place within the world through coursework, experiential learning, mentorship, and practical discipleship training.

CRUX is the cohort you should be in if you want to . . .

  • grow in your identity in Christ.
  • live with a group in an intercultural environment.
  • be immersed into Chicago.
  • serve with Urban Outreach partners.
  • prepare for work and ministry.
  • connect with Seminary student mentors.
  • explore calling and vocation.


Why Cohorts?

At North Park, we believe that interdisciplinary experiences promote deeper learning. Our cohort programs provide collaborative learning communities for students to grow in their knowledge, skills, self-persistence, vocational pursuit, and community engagement. Cohorts bring students together to build support, relationships, leadership skills, and intercultural experiences.